I am a multi-style drummer who started in 1964 in a garage band in Bowie, MD, and played until I joined the navy in 1967. Between 1967 when I quit playing drums, and 2004 when I took them back up I managed to squeeze in a 22 year navy career, then segued into almost 20 years of consulting, retiring in 2008. I currently reside in Deltona, Florida and have performed from Jacksonville to Cocoa Beach, and from Daytona Beach to Plant City (west of Orlando.)

Styles and Influences

My main, general influences are Gene Krupa (the man had a lot of rhythm and an amazing touch on drums), Papa Jo Jones, Chick Webb, and, of course Baby Dodds. Dodds' influence on all drummers cannot be overestimated because he has directly or indirectly influenced every drummer who came after him - including Krupa, Buddy Rich, and just about anyone who is either your direct influence, or their direct influence. I also admire Joe Morello, who is probably one of the greatest drummers ever born. The man has had a profound influence on my playing since I started in 1964.

I play a lot of brush-only gigs, as well as never hesitating to use brushes on classic rock and pop, blues and Americana gigs. My main influences for brushwork are Ed Thigpen, John Poole, Jeff Hamilton, Vernel Fournier and Denzil Best.

For examples of my brush-only gigs go to Marsha Summers Duo Home Page. You may also want to check out this Youtube playlist:

My current band, Rational Cats, performs classic rock and pop, blues and country. You can check out examples of my playing in that context here:

Some examples of me performing jazz and standards are in this Youtube playlist:

Some low volume, electric blues showcasing dynamic stick control and brushwork:

A little bit country; a little bit rock 'n' roll (and some R&B and MoTown thrown in for good measure):

Finally, here is a playlist of me performing in a Singer-Songwriter/Americana trio:

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