About Me

I am a blues and jazz drummer who started in 1964 in a garage band in Bowie, MD, and played until I joined the navy in 1967. Between 1967 and 2004 I managed to squeeze in a 22 year navy career, then sequed into almost 20 years of consulting, retiring in 2004.

In 2004 I moved from Tustin, California to Deltona, Florida to retire - I also started playing drums again. Although retirement didn't last long (I briefly went back into consulting, and took a fulltime position at a financial software company in Lake Mary, FL in January 2007), I continued to play drums.

Styles and Influences

My main influences are Gene Krupa (the man had a lot of rhythm and an amazing touch on drums), Papa Jo Jones, Chick Webb, and, of course Baby Dodds. Dodds' influence on all drummers cannot be overestimated because he has directly or indirectly influenced every drummer who came after him - including Krupa, Buddy Rich, and just about anyone who is either your direct influence, or their direct influence. I also admire Joe Morello, who is probably one of the greatest drummers ever born. The man has had a profound influence on my playing since I started in 1964.

A bit about my gear: I am a compulsive snare drum collector. My kits and snare drums (and cymbals) are listed in my blog, Snare Drum Addict

I also maintain another blog, Music For Drummers, that keeps alive the memory of some of the forgotten greats of drumming, as well as maintains a focus on other musicians and music that every drummer should know. This blog is mainly about jazz, but that is where the music started, and even if you don't play jazz, some of the information will give a foundation.

15 May 2010

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