Navy Career

1967 - 1988 (22 years credited)

Chronology of assignments (not counting technical schools and short, temporary assignments)

Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL (Seaman Recruit, Airman Apprentice)
NAS Alameda, CA (Airman Apprentice, Airman Crash Crew)
USS Tripoli (LPH-10) (Airman V-4 Division)
USS Valley Forge (LPH-8) (Airman V-4 Division)
USS New Orleans (LPH-11) (Airman V-4 Division)
USS Midway (CVA-41) (Airman V-4 Division)
USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) (Airman, ABF3, ABF2 V-4 Division)
NAS Barbers Point, HI (ABF2, ABF1 Fuel Farm)
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) (ABF1, ABFC V-4 Division)
USS Tripoli (LPH-10) (ABFC, Ensign V-4 Division)
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) (Ensign V-4 Division)
USS Tarawa (LHA-1) (Ensign, Lieutenant (junior grade), Lieutenant V-4 Division)
SIMA San Diego, CA (Lieutenant Director Data Processing)

Held concurrent enlisted and officer ranks: Ensign/ABFC, Lieutenant (junior grade)/ABCS, Lieutenant/ABCM). I was the last commissioned officer year group allowed to be promoted to permanent enlisted ranks while holding a commission. This was pre-DOPMA (Defense Officer Procurement Management Act.)

Seaman Recruit:E-1, Airman Apprentice:E-2, Airman:E-3, ABF3:E-4, ABF2:E-5, ABF1:E-6, ABFC:E-7 (chief petty officer), ABCS:E-8 (senior chief petty officer), ABCM:E-9 (master chief petty officer)

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